"We had a great time riding with Ian up in the hills above Santa Cruz.  The ride is just the right length of time for a novice rider- much longer and you´ll be sore the next day.  We had a great time up at the top drinking wine, and eating cheese and salami.  The horses are well trained and well cared for.  Highly recommended."   Buckwheatlouise from Trip Adivsor

Horseback Rides Santa Cruz is a beautiful way to see the country side of Colchagua Valley.  We offer a morning or evening ride, which lasts 3 hours. The ride starts at our local property and we begin up a small mountain to our picnic area which has the most beautiful vista of Colchagua Valley.  At the picnic area we serve local wine, cheese, and meats.  The ride back down the hill is slow and steady. We have over 40 horses on our property and can provide a ride for up to 10 riders. All of our horses are trained and kept by our local cowboys. All English Rides have a local cowboy and a English speaker as guides. The price per person is $35.000 Chilean pesos ($55 US.)   I am a US citizen living in the area for over 10 years, we offer both English and Spanish guided tours.

The view from atop our family property is widely regarded as the best way to see a panoramic view of Colchagua Valley, and out to the Andes.


The view of wine country awaits!

Rustic Ride through Wine Country